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Top 10 Surfing Beaches on Cape Cod You Shouldn't Miss

Cape Cod has some of the best beaches which attract surfers from all across the country to the East Coast. If you are a surfer, be sure to check out this list to know which beaches will serve you the best surfs! Cape’s water is often choppy, accentuated by occasional heavy winds and large swells. The Atlantic side and outer cape are especially known for their ‘surfable’ waves.

To be sure though, keep in mind the onslaught of Great White Shark sightings at Cape Cod beaches since 2018 which have discouraged surfers here and there. The same has raised alerts on introspection and caution from surfers, especially those going to surf on Cape Cod’s Atlantic waters. To be safe, you can also use shark deterrent devices to keep these sea fishes at bay so you can enjoy a safe, un-meddled surfing experience. Following is an assortment of the best beaches that will make your stay on Cape Cod worthwhile.

Coast Guard Beach- Eastham

Coast Guard Beach is one of the most recognized beaches throughout the east coast. Its rough waves, sunny atmosphere and windy weather make it the perfect destination and surfing attraction for surfing enthusiasts. Coast Guard Beach has attracted many surfers throughout the season to enjoy its lush scenery along with the rough sea, perfect for a sea sport like surfing. The beach, located in Eastham is also known for its local cuisine of seafood. The beach makes the perfect destination for taking a vacation to relax and wind down as well.

Marconi Beach - Wellfleet

Wellfleet is known for its beaches and Marconi Beach is one of them. If for some reason you are not able to visit the Coast Guard Beach, Marconi beach is a very good alternative. What's more, it's close to Coast Guard Beach as well. This makes it perfect for people who want to visit both beaches in the same stretch of their vacation. This way, you can have the best of both worlds, literally. Furthermore, because Coast Guard Beach is more recognized and well-known, it also tends to be more crowded. Marconi, on the other hand, has only locals and a few tourists visiting it during the peak surf hours, making it a perfect spot for quieter surfing.

Nauset Beach - Orleans

Nauset Beach in Orleans has the best swells during high tide. This beach is further down south in comparison to other beaches. However, though the wave swells on this beach are impressive, they lack the consistency to ride the tide. This place is very good for novice surfers who are amateurs looking to get into surfing and want some easy practice. The beach stretches for over 10 miles, which makes up for its lack of swell in consistency. The best swells are known to come up in July, making it a popular attraction for tourists and surfers.

Nauset Light Beach- Eastham

For a more stable, year-round surfing location, Nauset Light Beach is your go-to option as a surfer. Not only is this beach consistent with its swells but also has good waves year-round throughout the high tide. However, the beach offers its best during August when the winds are uproar and the waves soon follow suit to the rhythm of the weather. Some would even argue that Nauset Light Beach has the overall best consistency of waves especially during high tide, in all of Cape Cod beaches!

White Crest Beach - Wellfleet

Another Wellfleet Beach popular among surfers is White Crest Beach. This beach is famous for longboard surfing and hence attracts surfers from all over the east coast for the said reason. The beach is also known for its chilly weather and rampant winds, which often sweep amateur surfers from their surfboards. This beach is hence famous only among the pros. However, a con to this is that the beach is right past a hill. While surfing on the high waves can be exhilarating, hiking back up a mountain just to go back might not sound as appealing.

Cahoon Hollow Beach - Wellfleet

Another Wellfleet beach makes the list! Cahoon Hollow Beach is known for its party-like festive atmosphere at its beach, which makes it an attractive spot for tourists from all across the east coast. The beach is especially famous among young adults and tourists for its nearby food stalls and party-like ambience. This beach is also an amazing place to relax and wind down while vacationing and enjoying the scenic beauty of Atlantic waters. The waves here swell often during high tides, making them very surf worthy. On flat days, the beach activities on Cahoon Hollow are sure to keep one entertained.

Head of Meadow Beach - Truro

Known for its huge wave swells, Head of Meadow Beach is one of the most sought-after surf beaches in all of Cape Cod. This beach is especially famous amongst the local crowd of Cape Cod. Since Truro is usually not very crowded, it makes up to be a good spot for a quiet getaway for surfers. Its mellow, slow-paced environment makes up for its top-notch high tide currents. It's a must-visit for anyone who wants to try rough waves!

Cape Cod is known for its lush scenic beauty and beautiful Atlantic waters. The same is also its USP which attracts sellers from all across the country to relax and wind down in paradise! Plan your next visit to Cape Cod and indulge in an experience like no other.

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