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Bed Making & Other Services

When you FINALLY get to your vacation home after that long day of traveling, do you REALLY want to take the time to make all those beds? 


And when it is time to go, do you REALLY want to take time to strip the beds and pack everything away? 


OF COURSE YOU DON'T!  That's where we come in.  Let us do the hard work so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your Cape Cod getaway.

  • Bed Making: $16/bed

  • Bed Making & Stripping:  $21/bed


For either service, we will need details, prior to delivery of how, and when, we will be able to access the property.

If you order bed making, we will need access to the property on the day of delivery.  Upon your departure, you will need to strip all beds and make sure each item is placed outside in the delivery totes following our departure policy.  If you don't wish to strip the beds your own on your departure day, we offer that service for an extra $5 per bed with our Bed Making and Stripping selection.

Purchasing Bed Making & Stripping requires us to have access to the property on both arrival AND departure day.  Before purchasing that service, please make sure this will be possible and provide details

Important Note:  Due to this extra information necessary to accomodate this service, we are not able to accept orders for Bed Making, or Bed Making & Stripping online at this time. 


If you wish to purchase either service, please place your order by phone.  We will need some additional information from you including details on how, and when, we will be able to access the property.

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