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12 Things You Don’t Know About Cape Cod

Did you know that cape cod was discovered by Vikings? The historical backdrop of

this district begins with its revelation by European Vikings in around 1004 C.E. The thirteenth century Norse Saga named the Flateyjarbok offers clear portrayals of Leif Ericson's excursions across the Atlantic to an area he named 'Vinland.' Although the archaeological proof is negligible, a few history specialists trust this to be someplace along Cape Cod's mid-coast.

Most of us aren’t aware of the basic and important facts about places we visit and live in. Here are a few things which we might know about cape cod:

  • In 1627, enterprising pilgrims from Plymouth established the Aptucxet Trading Post in Bourne. This was the first documented commercial trading site in the country, and it instigated a massive volume of ships travelling through the area. There were around 3,000 documented shipwrecks between Chatham and Truro! This earned the coastline the nickname, ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’.

  • Its most seasoned windmill, Judah Baker Windmill, was developed in 1791 in South Dennis.

  • As per one survey, the population of Cape Cod increases three times in summer. It leads to an increase in the number of road rages as well. This place attracts tourists' attention for staying in summer and chilling on the seashores. It is an ideal destination for summer vacations.

  • Although we have amazing lip-smacking potato chips which are worthy of being considered as the nation's attention takers, it's not always about potato chips. We also have these amazing freshly homemade oats cookies, and Chequessett chocolate. Don't forget about our delicious Nobska farms hot sauce.

  • If you are planning a vacation to Cape Cod then don't forget to go to North Eastham. It's known for its beauty and uniqueness. Even the pilgrims who came here to pay a visit to Plimoth usually get off their flight to encounter North Eastham. It would be great to go there with your family.

  • Who doesn't like the delicious cold-favoured creams? From a toothless old person to a sobbing 10 years kid, everybody loves ice cream and Cape Cod is extremely famous for ice creams. Here, you will find ice cream every mile. You will be amazed to find a plethora of ice cream parlours and a variety of flavours here.

  • Here people use the phrase ‘on Cape Cod’ instead of ‘in Cape Cod'.

  • Have you heard about great white Sharks in Cape Cod’s water? It is happening more due to the increasing population of Seals. There is also a movie on sharks. It was filmed in Cape and Islands. It was based on the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley. The novel was also inspired by the horrific Shark attacks that happened on Jersey Shore in 1916.

  • Cape Cod is divided into four major parts:

  • Upper Cape

  • Lower Cape

  • Middle Cape

  • Outer Cape

  • The drinking culture is encouraged here. While visiting Cape cod, one must try a freshly made beer made in breweries. These taste heavenly and delicious.

  • Cape cod is considered one of the science epicentres for marine for a few reasons:

1. Two enormous confidential science labs.

2. Two central government offices.

3. National Marine Fisheries Service.

4. US Geological Survey.

  • People in Cape Cod live by a mission 'Live your life in your way’. Provincetown in Massachusetts is known for its open-minded people. It's considered the best town for the LGBT community. The town organises Carnivals from time to time and it's perhaps the biggest open-air festivity in the Commonwealth. It truly believes love has no gender.

Cape Cod is the open gate to fun activities. Kids love this town for eating sea foods to enjoy the seashores. You can visit Cape Cod to know more about this place and explore its beauty.

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