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Your Comprehensive Guide to Beach Essentials

Beach day can be exciting and planning the same, even more stimulating. Every once in a while, it is an absolute must for every family to wind down and relax with their loved ones. And what better way to spend quality time with your family than on a beach doing fun activities. However, packing for the beach can be a chore indeed. Not only does it include having an itinerary of activities to do near the ocean but also the packing that comes with the commitment of having a beach day. Well, fear not, for we have made an assortment of items one must carry while having a beach day. As long as you have this list covered, half your work is done.


While beach days are the perfect time to soak in the sun, it's also important to take precautions against the harmful UV rays which might cause sunburn and pigmentation. Sunscreen is the good old remedy to this problem. While lathering sunscreen all across your body is the way to go, one shouldn't forget to apply it every 4 hours. Sunscreens are absolutely essential to carry on a beach day to ensure proper protection from the harmful rays of the sun.


To relax on the sand overlooking the ocean, one simply has to carry an umbrella. However, due to the size of beach umbrellas, carrying an umbrella can be a hassle. Not to mention transporting it to the beach. To enjoy your day hassle-free on the beach, we would advise you to rent it! Cape Linen Rentals have a wide variety of beach umbrellas that one can choose from and rent for the duration of their stay. Because Cape Linen Rentals specializes in beach essentials like umbrellas, you do not have to worry about the quality of the product. Everything is quality checked and customer satisfaction is treated as the top priority.

Beach Lunches, Water, and Snacks:

If you have kids, you know that a well-fed kid is far from being fussy. This is why you should always carry snacks, lunches, and food for yourself and your kids. It doesn't hurt to munch yourself too, especially on a beach. Staying hydrated is yet another thing one must ensure while being on the beach. For this, make sure to carry water bottles (preferably reusable ones) to avoid getting heatstroke. Besides, beach days are more fun with snacks being passed around.

Picnic Blankets and Sheets:

The most important thing you’ll pack is the picnic blanket everyone will sit on. No one likes itchy sand getting on their knees and hands while they come back from a swim to have some food. Picnic Blankets are your saviours for obvious reasons. Get a huge range of clean linen assortment from Cape Lenin at an affordable price. Because Cape Lenin is a family-run business, it understands the needs of your family better than any other business.

Picnic Linen:

While some eat, some also like to make sandcastles nearby. To sit in the sand for a while is one thing, to actually make a castle in it is another. Often, children get itchy because of the sand and demand a cleanup of the same. Making them sit on linen while you clean them can help them calm down. This is because children’s sense of familiar fabric helps them feel more comfortable in the environment.


To carry and store essentials, one needs to carry multiple bags to keep everything organized. This includes sorting linens, umbrellas, sunblock, flip flops, lunches, and whatnot. To reduce the stress of packing, one can always rent some essentials from nearby places to relax more and worry less. Cape Linen Rentals provides the perfect assortment of beach rentals for your beach days and helps you worry about one thing less while packing for your time off.

Books and Chargers:

Whether you are an avid reader or someone who just likes to lie on the beach and use your phone, carrying books and chargers is necessary for your beach days. Carrying a power backup is also a smart move to ensure your batteries do not run out while lazily scrolling through Instagram. Beaches are a serene place to just sleep and read your favorite true crime books and catch up on some sleep. Make sure to carry an eye patch to ensure a sound sleep while on your time away.

In the end, beach days are the perfect time to relax and wind down from all the stress of daily life. This goes to say that rentals can be a very convenient option while vacationing. It reduces one problem away from your planning and you can easily hand the same back once your work with the essential is done. Cape Cod is known for its serene beaches and beautiful landscape. While visiting the same, make sure to try the local seafood cuisine and savour your vacation while at bay!

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