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How often should bed sheets and linen be washed?

After a long days work, one expects to sleep peacefully at night and restore energy for the next day. Sleep assumes an essential part of good health all throughout your life. The manner in which you feel while you are awake depends to a larger degree on what occurs while you are asleep.

It is not only important to have a good night's sleep but it is equally important to how comfortable and clean your bedding is. Have you ever paid any heed that you sleep in the same bed, on the same mattress and maybe on the same bed sheet for a long duration? For this very reason, it is extremely important to have clean bedsheets.

Wash them right!!

Here are some tips and tricks for washing bedding essentials which will increase their shelf-life and help you get good sleep. But before starting the whole process of washing and cleaning the essentials, you need the following things in advance:-

  1. You may opt for any washing gel or liquid/powder detergents:

  2. You can opt to wash the clothes in a washing machine or maybe with your hands

Correct ways to wash your sheets

Washing sheets is a huge task and one has to spend a lot of time cleaning them properly. Bed sheets aren’t like any other garments. It’s usually full of germs, sweat and body oils. Here are the steps to follow to wash your sheets correctly

  1. Choose your detergent based on the fabric of your sheets

  2. The temperature of the water could be concluded based on how dirty and the kind of fabric the sheets were

  3. Separate bed sheets from towels or other clothing before putting them in a washing machine. This gives sheets more room to circulate in the water, which means they'll get cleaner.

  4. Lastly, make sure to read the instructions printed on the bed sheet tags.

Note: Always treat the stains before putting them in the washing machine. Also, If somebody has sensitive skin, then rinse the bedding a second time, just to be careful of causing the allergy.

How often should one wash the bedding essentials?

a) Pillows: Wash them once every 4 to 6 months.

b) Pillow Covers: You should wash them once a week.

C) Duvet covers: Wash them once every 2 to 3 weeks.

d) Comforters: You should wash them once every 2 to 3 months.

e) Blankets: Wash them once every 2 to 3 months.

f) Bed Sheets: Wash them once a week

What can happen because of dirty sheets?

If you are guilty of letting an excessive amount of time elapsed prior to washing your bedding, you should rethink avoiding that errand. Since, in such a case that you don't, and you end up dozing on filthy sheets a large number of evenings, you have to deal with some serious itchy side effects.

1. Skin Irritation or Eczema: Dirty sheets rubbing against your skin while you sleep can lead to skin irritation. Self-treating with greasy ointments or heavy creams can add to the problem. If you need to treat a skin condition like eczema, speak to your dermatologist about medications that won't rub off and can be quickly (and fully) absorbed. Also, make sure to clean your bedding regularly.

2. Fungal or Bacterial Infections: Sweat is just one reason beds can be prime places for fungi to grow and can lead to asthma, pneumonia, and a fungal infection called Onychomycosis, which can cause skin lesions and crumbling toenails.

3. Dust Mites: These mites feed on the dead cells or flakes of skin that you shed in your sleep. The dust mites get accumulated in any location that isn't regularly cleaned and they can leave their mark, in the form of welts on your neck, face, arms, and upper body, or problematic and tough-to-cure breathing issues.

A survey of 2021, stated that people tend to wash the bedding essentials after 25 days. We, human beings shed almost 500 million skin cells in a day. To avoid these kinds of circumstances, one should wash the bedding every week in hot water.

Avoid these common washing mistakes

1. One should never overload the washer of the machine

It could be easier to wash all the beddings and other garments altogether but it won’t be clean. Sheets and all the other beddings need enough space to be able to circulate in order to get clean. Although the washing machines we have today can hold a massive amount, you should never dump them because if the washer has any sort of agitator in the middle and if you wrap the fabrics around them, it could wrinkle or tear the fabric. To avoid this, you should wash them separately.

2. Using the wrong setting in your washing machine

One should not use heavy-duty cycles because these are not necessary. It’s perfect to wash the beddings in the regular or normal cycle. These are the finest option to avoid wrinkling in the fabrics. One important thing to be noted here is that the bed sheets don’t need the heavy cycle setting. They don’t need excessive agitation to clean them.

3. Drying the bedding for too long is not good for them

Drying the beddings may take a little longer than drying a load of other garments but leaving the bedding for a longer duration is not a good option. It can cause the fabric to shrink. It’s better to keep the dry beddings on low heat for the shortest time. This would reduce wrinkling and minimize shrinkage too.

4. We should dry the beddings separately

It would be better if we separate the other garments and beddings to avoid the over-drying issues, because if you ever noticed that the bed sheets dry faster than the towels. If the sheets are completely dry, there might be a possibility that the towels will be wet.


It is important to clean bedding essential from time to time. Not only washing the bedding and other bedding essentials on a regular basis keeps you away from the disease and helps you to stay healthy but it also increases its lifespan. These things are not in our control when we travel the world. To make sure you have access to clean bedding essentials, you may visit Cape Linen Essentials and place your order.

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